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Building a Better World through Tennis


We want to leverage tennis for better education and global awareness.

Leveraging Tennis for Children Across the World

Our Vision at AJ Tennis Academy International is to engage a generation of young people to develop within them 3Cs:

Curiosity … for the world

Concern … for the world

Confidence … to effect change in the world

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A Better Africa Through Tennis Part II

We are excited to announce that we’ll be hosting about 3,000 kids in our second installment of “A Better Africa Through Tennis,” later this year, in October. These tennis clinics will be held in Lagos, Nigeria, and Kigali, Rwanda, in partnership with the local tennis...

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AJ Tennis Academy International appreciates any and all donations given to help us fund our endeavors to further inspire youths around the world to develop curiousity, concern, and confidence in themselves and for others.

“My daughter’s countenance was positively transformed after attending one of your tennis clinics.” Parent of an Attendee of "A Better Africa Through Tennis 2017"

“Thank you for the great impact you are having on our city.” Jacob Frey

Mayor of Minneapolis

“Together, we can great things for tennis in Nigeria.” Godwin Kienka

Founder, Tennis Academy International, Nigeria


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