Cesar Gomez

Cesar Gomez

Chief Operating Officer

Cesar Gomez is a tennis coach and an active professional tennis player. He works as an independent coach in  Medellin, Colombia, where he was born, raised and still resides.

Mr. Gomez has dedicated his whole life to various sports, including soccer, baseball, fencing, and tennis. So, in sports, and especially in tennis, Mr. Gomez has found the key to escaping from the reality of a country that was filled with violence, blood and social injustice. Tennis was the tool for Mr. Gomez to see the world, to see that he could have better chances in life and, most importantly, to break the cycle of poverty into which he was born.

Mr. Gomez studied has a 5-year degree in Sports Science. He has done several ITF levels of coaching and has a lot of experience to share, from playing on tour. He currently works with ITF junior players, and all kinds of competitive players. He has coached and played all over Europe and South America learning from everybody who loves tennis as much as he does.

He’s delighted to be part of AJTAI, where he can further broaden the reach of tennis and carry-on the light of Justin’s torch.


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