What are we doing

Our Belief

Critical & Strategic Thinking

Endurance & Perseverance

Tolerance & Camaraderie

Global Curiosity

Commitment & Discipline

Why Tennis

Develop Global Curiosity

  • Tennis is one of the TRULY global sports
  • Tournament on every continent
  • Interact / be informed of players from all over the world

Develop Mental Fortitude and Strategic Thinking

  • Tennis develops mental toughness
  • Requires a game plan to win
  • Must adapt to opponent’s game plan to be successful

Develop Discipline and Build Camaraderie

  • Requires commitment to personal sacrifice to be successful
  • Good sportsmanship is core to tennis
  • Must shake opponent’s hands, however hard fought a match

Our Partnership Model

Our Partnership Model

Our Operating Model


AJ Tennis Academy International
c/o Tolu Adeleye
2900 Thomas Ave S
Apt 1906
Minneapolis, MN 55416




+1 410 952 2877